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         UPCOMING EVENTS          

The following are some of the activities run by our officers; we encourage you to become an active member by participating in these events.


Chair: Andy Wu

Date: currently active

Description: Members are encouraged to sell at least ONE $5 phone card. If you competing, profit from the cards you sell will be deducted from your expenses. Each phone card is worth $5 at 2 cents per domestic minute.

Questions, contact:


Chair: Sonali Patel

Date: mid- February

Description: Proceeds from this fundraiser will be donated to the March of Dimes Foundation. Male Volunteers from the LHS faculty will agree to shave their facial hair. The winner will be determined by the number of votes casted by the student body. Each volunteer will have a ballot box in which students will pay 50 cents to vote once or 3 votes for $1. The ballot box to receive the most number of votes will ultimately determine the faculty member who has to shave his facial hair. if you are interested in participating contact Sonali.

Questions, contact:


Chair: Ken Lao

Date: To be determined

Description: This is a community service project. On the chosen date, two groups of FBLA members will travel along Route 10 on opposite sides and clean up any visible litter or trash that is on the highway. The groups will clean-up from Panevino’s Restaurant to the Landmark. Afterward, donuts will be offered.

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